Woodpecker Repair

OsmoWeld Products

OsmoWeld products are designed to repair woodpecker holes and other damage that results in a void, including decayed and splitting tops.  OsmoWeld bonds to wood without shrinking or cracking.  The epoxy formulas of both OsmoWeld MPF and OsmoWeld LV are designed to flow easily and completely fill the void which is vital in preventing the return behavior of woodpeckers.  Both products utilize the KwikMixxTM cartridge system.  The KwikMixx cartidge provides even mixing by forcing the two components of the epoxy formula through a common mixing nozzle, automatically proportioning and combining them for fast, accurate application.

OsmoWeld® MPFTM

OsmoWeld MPF (multi-purpose filler) was designed to cure at lower temperatures than other systems, making it the ideal choice for large voids that require greater quantities of filler.

MPF KwikMixx cartridges come in two sizes, 600 ml and 1500 ml, for small or large repairs. The 600 ml cartridges fill approximately 36 cubic inches of void, and the 1500 ml cartridges fill approximately 90 cubic inches. Osmose offers power installation guns designed for easy, fast installation using the KwikMixx cartridges.

PowerPushTM 7000 - Power Dispenser for MPF
Power dispensers are available in two sizes; 600ml and 1500ml.  Each power dispenser kit contains one PowerPush 7000, one AC or DC charger, two rechargeable batteries, and one carry-strap.

PDF Document  OsmoWeld MPF brochure

OsmoWeld® LVTM

OsmoWeld LV was designed with a low viscosity formula which allows it to be applied without the use of a power dispenser.  Only a dual chambered caulking gun (compatible with the KwikMixx cartridge) is required.  OsmoWeld LV is recommended for use on small voids that do not require large quantities of filler.


This water-activated fiberglass wrap is designed to repair woodpecker holes, gunshot and other damage.  It provides the predictable strength of composite repair systems without the mess of mixing and applying resins.  AquaWrap is clean and easy to use.  It can be applied by field personnel in a matter of minutes.

PDF Document  AquaWrap brochure

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