Trusses & Banding

Osmose truss systems restore the required strength in the groundline section of a pole for a fraction of the cost of pole replacement. In suburban or urban locales, the savings may be very significant. 

The Osmo-C-Truss®  is most often used for poles taller than 60 feet while the Osmo-C2-Truss® has become the most widely used option for distribution applications.


The Osmo-C-Truss has been extensively tested throughout its 40 year history.  Tests have been conducted by Osmose, independent laboratories, and pole owners nationwide.  Full-scale foundation testing allows Osmose to offer trusses with a shorter driving depth, saving pole owners money. The design of the C-Truss® system and the installation tools allow it to maintain positive contact with the pole butt below ground, insuring transfer of loads during bending.


The Osmo-C2-Truss (C2-Truss) is lighter, stronger, and less expensive, making it the ideal choice for reinforcing distribution poles.  The optimized truss design provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry at a much lower cost than other systems.

C2-Truss Features:

  • Reduced rotation - the patented design concept enables the C2-TrussTM to minimize twisting (caused by transverse wind loads) that reduces the performance of other truss shapes.
  • Engineered for safety & reliability - the C2-Truss is formed from 100,000 psi yield steel and is installed to exceed the strength requirements of the NESC.
  • Higher yield strength steel - higher strength steel combined with an optimized design allows the truss to develop its full strength potential. The high strength-to-weight ratio helps reduce the overall weight and cost.
  • Low profile - the unique design of the C2-Truss results in a lower profile on the pole.
  • Longer lengths for high decay - the standard truss extends five feet above ground. Single piece trusses are available for applications up to eight feet above ground, and a two-piece design is available for taller applications.

PDF Document  Osmose Truss Systems brochure. 

Banding & Seals

Osmose banding is stronger than other banding systems in the industry with over 138,000 psi tensile strength.  The banding is hot-dip galvanized to 2.0 ounces per square foot, two to three times heavier than others, for long term corrosion protection.

Seals come in both Single Band Galvanized Seal (push type) and Double Band Galvanized Seal (closed type).


Installation Equipment

Osmose offers both a pneumatic and a manual installation system.  For details, please call 770-632-6700 (option 3) or email