Supplier diversity Program

Osmose understands and appreciates the importance of diverse suppliers and is committed to pursuing business relationships with such enterprises.  To that end, Osmose has implemented a Supplier Diversity Program, the goal of which is to promote the utilization and development of small and diverse businesses.  It is our mission to actively seek and offer minority and women owned businesses opportunities to compete on an equal basis to work with us while, at the same time, growing their own business.

Osmose's corporate headquarters and distribution center is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and we perform service contracts in all 50 states.  Our primary cost associated with service contracts is for labor and complies with our company wide EEO policy.  We strive for a diverse and inclusive work environment. Additionally, to facilitate our widespread organization our tool, product, equipment, and materials suppliers are managed at the corporate level.  Osmose corporate makes conscious efforts to obtain goods and services from certified MWBE businesses through this program.  We remain dedicated to identifying opportunities to utilize certified diverse vendors and track diverse spend to enable timely and accurate Tier 2 reporting to our customers upon request.

For purposes of this program, Osmose defines a minority business as a for-profit enterprise physically located in the United States, which qualifies for one or more of the following classifications:  minority-owned business, woman-owned business, small business (including small disadvantaged, woman, and veteran/service disabled veteran).  We prefer to do business with diverse companies that hold recognizable certification, which helps ensure the integrity of our Supplier Diversity initiative.

In addition to the continuing efforts to diversify our workforce and supplier portfolio, this program aims to expand, support, and advance the minority business community through networking and advocacy.  We aspire to empower the minority businesses with which we work.  This is obtained through positive business relationships with organizations and diverse businesses across the country pursuing similar goals.

Osmose's Supplier Diversity Program is an on-going process as we continually reassess the elements of our approach.  We are committed to promoting meaningful participation by MWBEs in our course of business and invite you to contact our director devoted to Supplier Diversity, Ashley Moss, for additional information as we continue our efforts to identify opportunities that will expand and improve our program.