Signs, Tags & Marking Products

Pole Markers/Numbers

Mark your poles while performing routine maintenance.  Accurate pole marking aids in accurate tracking and faster responses during an emergency.

Pole Tags

These durable pole dating tags are designed to withstand salt, sunlight, and rain.  Markers can identify the date of the pole and the date of the most recent pole inspection.

Transformer Signage

Comply with ANSI and NESC regulations.  New "Shock in the box" and shrubbery symbols add impact to the warning.

Substation Signs

At Osmose we work diligently to understand the ANSI 535 requirements for substation markings.  There are certain key words, colors, punctuation, and symbols that need to be followed for compliance.  We have materials that offer 30 years of durability to reduce life cycle costs.  We also offer services to mount signs.

Transmission Signage

Osmose offers a variety of transmission markers including Aerial Crossing, Aerial Hazard, Aerial Turning, Right of Way, Patrol Signs, and Mile Markers.   All markers are ANSI 535 compliant.

Custom Markers, Signs, Tags & Labels

Call us at 770-632-6700 (option 3) or email with inquiries regarding customized markers, signs, tags, and labels.

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