Remedial Treatment Products


150 million wood poles support the delivery of electricity, internet service, and telecommunications in America. Without remedial treatments, these critical assets will weaken until they require replacement or they fail. Osmose preservatives help to maintain the economy and durability of your system by preventing strength loss caused by wood-destroying fungi and insects.

  • Preservative Pastes & Pole Bandages
  • Fumigants
  • Solid Rods and Internal Treatments
  • Our Committment to the Environment

    Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. is dedicated to the conservation of utility resources and strives to create a culture of environmental awareness both as a manufacturer and as a contractor.  We will continue to support the research and development of products and services that extend the safe and reliable service lives of structural T&D assets for many years beyond what is typically expected.

    As the world's leading manufacturer of wood preservatives designed for in-service poles, Osmose has established R&D priorities intended to maintain efficacy against decay and deterioration while reducing the volume of active ingredients, lowering the risks to non-target organisms and eliminating petroleum-based carriers from our product line. In addition to being environmentally preferable, Osmose preservatives and coatings increase the service lives of in-service utility infrastructure, preventing the harvest of additional trees and the subsequent environmental effects associated with the manufacture of new poles.  Beginning with the requirement to harvest a mature tree, every step in the manufacture of a new pole - regardless of material choice - consumes energy and creates greenhouse gas emissions.

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