Committed to Quality

Since 1934, Osmose has provided the utilities industry with products and services that improve system reliability and reduce costs. Through its leadership, innovations, and operations, Osmose is proud to have set industry standards and built a reputation founded on quality.

Good "Quality" work (products and services) can be defined in many ways, including:

  • Conforming to a set of requirements
  • Being free of deficiencies or defects
  •  A high degree of excellence

Regardless of how it is defined, Osmose believes a Quality product or service is one that is what the customer expects, delivered when they expect it.  Our customers value and expect Quality—they do not expect to have to ask for it or pay extra for it.  Quality, therefore, is the basis for customer satisfaction and critical to the success of Osmose.

The leadership of Osmose recognizes that in order to achieve its vision of consistently delivering a superior level of quality in products and services, Quality must be deliberately managed through a focus on five interrelated elements.   These five elements are the foundation of the Osmose Quality Management Program.

  • Management Leadership
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Monitoring & Measuring
  • Continuous Improvement

1. Management Leadership

Although Quality is everyone's responsibility, it is management that leads the company to achieve our vision. Management must provide the strategy and resources, and then lead and oversee the execution of plans. Equally important, management must enable each employee to fulfill the expectations of their role within the company.

As a service industry business, our company's ability to deliver on Quality depends highly on our workforce—their integrity, knowledge and skills, and workmanship. Osmose is committed to hiring and retaining the best employees, investing in their training and development, appropriately incentivizing their performance, helping them reach their full potential, and recognizing their achievements in safety, quality, and production.


2. Quality Assurance

Osmose is committed to the view that—like Safety—Quality is best achieved through prevention. Our leaders recognize that a prevention approach will always be more effective and lower cost than continually reacting to problems.

Osmose has implemented a management system for causing Quality and preventing problems through training, communications, and proven work processes, practices, and procedures. Quality is built into every aspect of the business, from contracts and the supply chain through operations and delivery.


3. Quality Control

Osmose maintains a mature Quality Control (QC) program to continuously monitor and review the quality of work produced by each Foreman and crew. Representative samples of final work are regularly checked to ensure that the Osmose standards for Quality Excellence are met, and each customer's specifications and expectations for quality are met.


4. Monitoring & Measuring

Management and operations set objectives and monitor key performance indicators for Quality. Business intelligence systems allow for real-time data review and analysis to quickly identify and respond to trends and potential problems.


5. Continuous Improvement

Committed leadership and engaged employees strive to deliver Quality work to our customers each day through this Quality Management Program. Never satisfied with the current state, however, management continually improves the Quality Management Program through critical management reviews, employee input, and innovation.