Post-Construction Verification 

Verifying the proper installation of equipment and cables on overhead structures and updating work management records to reflect the "as built" condition is a critical component of maintaining a safe and reliable system.  An effective post-construction review helps utilities achieve the following:

  • Confirm equipment installed by sub-contractors adheres to construction documents
  • Ensure new third-party attachments are installed per joint use agreements
  • Update critical systems (GIS and OMS) to reflect accurate system data
  • Re-establish traceable connectivity following storms and other natural disasters

Experienced Osmose field crews inspect and document all required network features and provide accurate facility information in the data format you specify.  We have the ability to collect data "from scratch" or we can use existing GIS, CAD, or other facility information.

The following services can be included as part of a post-construction verification survey:

For more information on post-construction verification, please contact Brian Reed at 716-912-3058 or