Restoration vs. Replacement

Restoration is a reliable, long-term solution for restoring code-mandated strength at a fraction of the cost of replacement 

The NESC states that wood structures should be replaced or rehabilitated when deterioration reduces the structure strength to two-thirds of that required when installed.  GO95 states that wood structures shall be replaced or reinforced before safety factors have been reduced (due to factors such as deterioration and/or installation of additional facilities) in Grades "A" and "B" construction to less than two-thirds of the safety factors specified.  

In both codes (NESC and GO95), when strength drops below the two-thirds threshold, pole owners are faced with two options for bringing the pole back into compliance - Restore or Replace.

When bending loads are applied to the pole, they are transferred to the truss which effectively bypasses the decayed or damaged groundline area of the pole, and transfers it to sound wood foundation below ground.


Engineered for Safety & Reliability

When evaluating truss systems, ensure that the following criteria are met:

  • Constructed to exceed NESC/GO95 strength requirements
  • Hot-dip galvanized (to ASTM A-123 specs) to ensure long-term corrosion protection
  • Maintains contact with the pole below ground to properly transfer bending loads

To effectively control decay and ensure the longevity of the restoration, the pole should be remedially treated at the time of installation and continue through standard inspection and treatment cycles.


Ideal for Difficult-to-Access Poles

Poles in difficult locations such as hillsides, backyards or other difficult-to-access areas can be trussed to avoid costly, time-consuming replacements.


Osmose - 50 Years of Reliable Restoration

Osmose trusses are designed, engineered, and tested for safety and reliability - with strict specifications for materials, size, and shape to optimize performance and longevity, ensuring that each truss provides a long-term solution, NOT a short-term deferral.

As a turnkey service provider, Osmose offers an end-to-end solution for pole owners that begins with a thorough inspection and treatment program to identify restoration candidates, followed by the safe and reliable installation of an Osmose truss that restores the pole to code-mandated strength.

As both the product designer and the service provider, we take full responsibility for ensuring poles are reinforced properly and that owners receive the highest possible return on their restoration investment.

Each year, Osmose technicians evaluate millions of poles and successfully restore tens of thousands of those poles. In fact, we've been doing that since 1965, with many of those trussed poles still in service 50 years later!

For more information on wood pole restoration, call your local Osmose professional.  Not sure who your local professional is?  Email to find out.