Pole Replacement Design

Turnkey Solutions for Pole Replacement

Osmose has leveraged engineering expertise, hands-on experience with utility software applications, and extensive field knowledge to design a flexible turnkey pole replacement solution.  Osmose technicians and designers are armed with engineering tools designed to support the turnkey design of pole replacements.  We customize the process to blend with your current work management systems and procedures for seamless workflow.

This proven strategy drives business value as renewed focus and ownership is applied to managing your pole assets while freeing up utility personnel to focus on the core tasks essential to running your business.  Our turnkey solutions are focused on the following objectives:

  • Reduce the risks created by the failure to replace reject poles in a timely manner
  • Reduce and simplify the utility's involvement in supporting labor intensive, time consuming programs
  • Free-up the utility's skilled, experienced personnel to focus on more mission-critical work.  Facilitate our customers' growth strategy by improving operational performance and resource availability
  • Provide clear ownership and transparency to all stakeholders on the status of work performed through a structured approach for maintaining data related to pole replacements


Advantages of Working with Osmose

  • Pole Management Expertise:  Osmose has extensive experience helping pole owners diagnose the state of their pole assets and developing cost-effective ways to improve quality through consulting, field inspection and treatment, data collection, and implementation of maintenance strategies.
  • Continuous Program Improvement:  Central to our approach is a willingness to collaborate with our customers.  Through our people and technology, Osmose has the capacity to innovate and to execute best-in-class processes.
  • Proactive Program Management:  Osmose meets with customers regularly to review performance and gather feedback to continue ongoing development of the relationship.  Osmose manages a full-cycle continuous training program to help staff turnkey programs and support periods of high volume.


PDF Document  Pole Replacement Design brochure


For more information on Pole Replacement Design, please contact Brian Reed at 716-912-3058 or breed@osmose.com.