Pole Loading & Clearance Analysis 

Osmose combines highly trained field resources, the latest measurement and data collection tools, an industry-leading software package,  O-Calc® Pro,  and an experienced engineering staff to provide cost-effective pole loading and clearance analysis services for a wide range of projects such as:

  • Time-sensitive broadband build-out initiatives
  • Compliance with third party attachment agreements or requirements
  • Regulatory compliance for changes or additions to existing poles
  • Make-ready design

Look to Osmose to supplement your current staff or to provide turnkey services

Osmose can perform the services listed below as a turnkey process or a' la carte to meet your specific project goals.  Giving you the ability to customize services helps you meet the needs of your project while also allowing you the freedom to allocate your staff where their particular skills are most needed. 

  • Field data collection
  • Structural analysis
  • Clearance analysis

Field Data Collection

The accuracy of pole loading and clearance analysis calculations is dependent upon quality field data.  Osmose has the experience and tools to ensure that field data will support the project requirements.  Highly trained field resources collect the required data and measurements.  Commonly collected data include pole identification, brand information, GPS coordinates, pole circumference, equipment information, attachment heights, high-resolution images, line angle measurements, and span lengths.

Minimize Analysis Costs with LoadCalc 

Osmose LoadCalc® mobile software may be used to lower    the cost for pole loading analysis by minimizing the expense and time of a comprehensive load analysis.  LoadCalc estimates pole load, identifying poles that are clearly less than fully loaded and poles that are most probably overloaded.  Only complex and borderline overloaded poles require a more comprehensive loading analysis to validate compliance with code requirements.

Structural Analysis (Pole Loading Analysis)

Experienced engineering technicians utilize data collected in the field to efficiently and accurately model and analyze poles with O-Calc Pro software which produces detailed analysis reports.  If a pole fails to meet the code requirements, the technician can determine appropriate actions such as:

  • Guying changes
  • Pole strengthening applications like the Osmo-ET-Truss®
  • Pole replacement design (when no other options are available)

Clearance Analysis featuring Digital Measurement Technology (DMT)

Using scaled digital images collected in the field, Osmose technicians can produce detailed accurate measurements of the existing conditions on the pole including:

  • Pole tip height
  • Attachment heights
  • Wire diameters
  • Relative measurements
Learn more about DMT

Once the structure is accurately modeled according to the existing conditions, a clearance analysis is performed.  Clearance analysis options range from checking existing conditions against the code requirements to applying all required temperature and loading conditions to determine the worst-case clearances.  Osmose engineering technicians can suggest adjustments to correct any violations.

For more information on pole loading and clearance analysis, please contact Brian Reed at 716-912-3058 or breed@osmose.com