EEI Fall Transmission, Distribution, Metering & Mutual Assistance Conference
October 2-5  |  Bellevue, WA

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Oregon Joint Use Annual Meeting
October 6-7  |  Bend, OR
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NESC Workshop: Changes for the Future 
October 18-19  |  San Antonio, TX
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WEI Underground/Overhead Electric Distribution Conference 

October 24-26  |  Tucson, AZ
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CEATI Transmission Conference
November 1-2  |  San Diego, CA
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Osmose University: Wood Technical Seminar 
March 20-22, 2017  |  Peachtree City, GA
Join us for two days of instruction presented by six industry experts with 150 years of combined experience, including Nelson Bingel, NESC Strength & Loading Subcommittee Chairman and ASC 05 Chairman (ANSI 05 Standards). Register here.

Osmose University: Steel Technical Seminar 
SAVE THE DATE: October 16-18, 2017  |  Peachtree City, GA

Five industry experts provide two days of instruction, including an overview of new NACE and IEEE guidelines for the maintenance of steel transmission structures.  Registration for this event will open soon.  Learn more about Osmose University events here.