OsmoSet Pole Setting Foam

Pole setting foam offers many benefits over soil, including greater compressive strength, but it is especially useful in the following settings:

  • Rocky soil and dynamited or dilled pole sets that may not produce sufficient backfill material
  • Sand or sandy loam soils (low compressive strength)
  • Difficult to access poles where transporting fill dirt is not feasible

OsmoSetTM is a high-density polyurethane water-blown foam designed for setting and straightening distribution and transmission poles. Since OsmoSet foam completely encapsulates the pole, it greatly reduces leaching and soil contamination. It contains no CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), making it safe for both the applicator and the surrounding environment.

Benefits of OsmoSet

  • Added Strength and Safety - Most soils in the U.S. have a compressive strength of approximately 28 PSI. Foam with a density of four pounds per cubic foot has a compressive strength of approximately 70-80 PSI, providing a 3:1 safety factor over the surrounding natural soil. 
  • Labor Efficiency - Using foam is less labor intensive than backfilling with soil. There is also no need for tamping which reduces back strain and injuries. 

  • Reduced Environmental Impact - Eliminates the need to transport backfill material to the job site, and reduces soil contamination from leaching of the original treatment. 

  • Reduced Costs - OsmoSet expands at a ratio of 18:1, 20% more than other foams which means less product is required to fill the space. 

  • Easy to Store & Transport - The patented package design of OsmoSet includes part A and part B mixtures in D-shaped containers that conveniently fit inside the mixing pail with a mixer.  This efficient design reduces freight/shipping costs, and also makes the product easy to store and transport to the job site.
OsmoSet is easy to install with four simple steps.  1) Pour the components into the pail provided.  2) Mix components together.  3) Pour the mixture into the hole, around the pole.  4) Allow the pole to set as the foam expands and hardens.


OsmoSet expands to 18 times its original volume.  It will reach its full rise in approximately 2-5 minutes, depending on the temperature.  It reaches approximately 75% of its ultimate strength in just one hour.


OsmoSet vs. Other Foams


Each OsmoSet kit includes the two-part mixture as well as a highspeed mixer and mixing pail. *The patented package design includes Part A and Part B mixtures in D-shaped containers that conveniently fit inside the mixing pail.

OsmoSet will be available in July.  For more information, please call 770-632-6700 (option 3) or email products@osmose.com.