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Osmose Releases New Preservative Paste - MP500-EXT

by Lauren Glass
Thu, Jul 31st 2014 08:00 am

 Osmose Introduces New Remedial Preservative Paste for In-Service Wood Utility Poles - MP500-EXTTM


TYRONE, Ga. - Osmose Utilities Services, Inc., the leading innovator and supplier of remedial wood preservative technologies to the utility industry, has released a new solvent-free remedial preservative paste formulation for use on in-service wood utility poles.  MP500-EXTTM preservative paste is the next generation of micronized pastes from the Osmose family of products.


The proprietary formulation of MP500-EXT features an improved environmental profile with reduced risk to the environment as well as reduced exposure risks for the applicator.  MP500-EXT received an Environmental Claim Validation from UL Environment.  The UL Environmental Claim Validation demonstrates to the marketplace that MP500-EXT exhibits volatile organic compound (VOC) content below the limits defined by South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for the Wood Preservatives category of SCAQMD Rule 1113. MP500-EXT and its predecessor MP400-EXT® are the only remedial preservative pastes that carry this distinguished validation. 


"Our R&D priorities are to maintain efficacy against decay and deterioration while optimizing the volume of active ingredients and lowering the risk to non-target organisms.  We also strive to advance our formulation technologies to address growing regulatory and future supply chain challenges.  The technologically advanced formulation of MP500-EXT features borax which penetrates deeply to effectively control internal decay, while the controlled release micronized copper stays in place to protect the surface of the pole from soft rot" said Randy Marquardt, Vice President - Products for Osmose.  "The result of our efforts is a highly effective preservative paste with non-detectable VOC levels and the lowest toxicity profile of any paste on the market."