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Osmose Introduces Pole Wrap CB

by Lauren Glass
Fri, Oct 4th 2013 11:00 am

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. is pleased to introduce Pole WrapTM CB, a highly-effective preservative bandage designed to protect wood utility poles from decay in the critical groundline area.  The dry preservative bandage contains water soluble boron and copper.  The boron penetrates deeply while the copper protects the outer surface of the wood, adding years of additional service life to the pole.

 "Our research and development priorities at Osmose are intended to maintain efficacy against decay while reducing the volume of active ingredients, thereby reducing the risk to non-target organisms and lowering exposure risks to persons installing the product" said Osmose Vice President - Products, Randy Marquardt.  "Pole Wrap CB is the only preservative bandage on the market with a signal word of CAUTION; all other preservative bandages available today carry a signal word of WARNING.  In line with our culture of environmental awareness, Osmose will continue to support the research and development of products and services that extend the safe and reliable lives of structural T&D assets for many years beyond what is typically expected."

Research conducted by Michigan Technological University, in accordance with AWPA Standard E10 (the standard method of testing wood preservatives by laboratory soil-block cultures), successfully demonstrated that Pole Wrap CB is highly-effective at protecting wood from attack by wood-destroying decay fungi.  Pole Wrap CB is ideal for use on relocated or reused poles, poles set in pavement or locations vulnerable to decay, high-value installations, poles stored for more than 6 months, or poles that have the groundline disturbed by grading or underground installations.