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Osmose Announces Safety Milestone - 4 Years Without A Lost Workday Case

by Lauren Glass
Tue, Jun 8th 2010 06:10 am


TYRONE, Ga. - Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. recently achieved a significant safety milestone by passing four consecutive years without a lost workday injury case.  Osmose services include the inspection and rehabilitation of utility poles and T&D system infrastructure for utility companies throughout North America.   Osmose personnel also perform post-storm damage assessment and debris removal, work that typically must be accomplished under difficult conditions.  Despite those challenges, during the past four years Osmose employees have logged more than 9.4 million safe work hours; more man hours than it took to build the Empire State Building!

According to Donnie Lander, Senior Vice President - Operations, "Safety is no accident at Osmose.  It's the result of  the strong safety program Osmose has created by stressing training, education, communication, and personal accountability, and the commitment and dedication of our employees to working safely."  

Safety is part of the Osmose culture, and it's prevalent throughout the organization - from each and every crew in the field, to the managers throughout the organization.  Osmose Safety Director, Bob Bleech states, "It's the shared responsibility of both the company and employees to provide and maintain a safe work environment while continually looking for opportunities for improvement.  The key to our success in developing a strong safety culture is not just listening to our employees' suggestions for improvement, but taking meaningful action to implement those suggestions."

Utility companies expect their service providers to work safely at all times, even under the most difficult circumstances, and Osmose delivers on that expectation.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average electric utility in the U.S. carries a Total Recordable Case (TRC) rating of 4.0.  A rating below 2.0 is considered excellent.  Osmose currently carries a TRC well below 2.0 for 2010 year-to-date! 

About Osmose
Founded in 1934, Osmose provides professional grade inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation services for aging T&D infrastructure. Osmose also provides utility data solutions and pole engineering services - from GIS related surveys for network connectivity and joint use to pole loading analysis for make-ready design and regulatory compliance. With more than 75 years of diverse experience and learning as a foundation, Osmose proudly serves America's utilities as they manage aging infrastructure and build tomorrow's intelligent utility.  http://www.osmoseutilities.com/.