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Osmose Introduces a New & Improved Pole Topper

by Lauren Glass
Fri, May 21st 2010 10:00 am

Each year utilities are forced to replace thousands of poles because decay has compromised the integrity of their tops. Pole tops are vulnerable to UV degradation and moisture that encourages the growth of wood destroying fungi. Pole top decay or splitting can result in floating conductors, "hot poles," and outages.

Osmose is pleased to introduce a new and improved Pole Topper that is designed to solve the problems associated with deteriorated pole tops. Osmose has marketed pole top protection products for more than fifty years. The Pole Topper has evolved through a number of versions and upgrades intended to improve its performance and the ease of its application. Enhanced features of the new Pole Topper include:

• Improved UV resistance for longer life
• Enhanced adhesive properties ... Pole Topper will cling strongly to wood and itself
• Improved material properties ... Pole Topper can be applied in cold and hot temperatures
• Reduced weight ... the new Pole Topper is 1/3 the weight of the old version making application easier and reducing freight costs
• Lower cost ... savings of almost 20% compared to the old version

The Pole Topper continues to be available in 12", 16" and 19" diameters. Current customers will notice that Pole Toppers are now packaged 10 rather than 6 to a box. The weight reduction and more efficient packaging make it easier to warehouse and store on line trucks and reduces freight costs. Application steps are identical to the previous version; no tools or hardware required.

• 12" Pole Topper fits up to an 8.5" diameter top for smaller poles
• 16" Pole Topper fits up to a 12" diameter top for typical distribution poles
• 19" Pole Topper fits up to a 14.5" diameter top for typical transmission poles

Please call for pricing and additional information. Volume discount begins with orders of 500 pieces.

Contact Information:
Email: products@osmose.com
Phone: 716-319-3420