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Osmose Celebrates 75 Years of Trusted Service

by system
Fri, Aug 28th 2009 02:00 pm

In the fall of 1934, several Buffalo businessmen joined forces to create the Osmose Wood Preserving Company of America, building on a patent for a unique, non-pressure preservative. During the intervening 75 years, Osmose continued to advance wood preservation science and grew into the world's leading producer of preservative systems. Concurrently, close relationships and evolving customer needs encouraged Osmose to develop infrastructure inspection, maintenance and repair technologies for the railroad and utility industries.

Today, Osmose Utilities Services, Inc, one of several Osmose companies, provides a wide variety of products and services designed to extend the safe, economical and useful life of utility transmission and distribution infrastructure. Leveraging its position as America's leading pole maintenance company, Osmose developed a broad array of predictive and preventative maintenance offerings that provide solutions across entire networks... from the substation to the meter.

As networked personal computers found their way into offices, replacing cumbersome mainframe systems, Osmose customers requested more and more information about the poles and equipment that our crews inspected or viewed on a routine basis. The emergence of mobile computing, GPS, AM/FM and GIS technologies helped Osmose to develop into the leading provider of utility data services that support today's robust operations support systems.

America's utilities have come to trust Osmose, whether the need is pole inspection or crews to identify damage after a natural disaster. Osmose is organized to handle all types of projects, from simple joint use attachment surveys to complex connectivity and network modeling events. Transmission companies value Osmose expertise in the maintenance of aging steel towers and poles. Pole owners appreciate Osmose for bringing new and environmentally preferable solutions to market, including MP400-EXTTM preservative paste and the Osmose Field Liner barrier protection system. Utility engineers call on Osmose to identify pole overload conditions and upgrade pole class, with the ET-Truss® Pole Strengthening System. Osmose operations resources and project managers are located throughout the U.S. and technical support is available from our Georgia or New York offices.

With 75 years of experience and learning as a foundation, Osmose looks forward to serving America's utilities as they manage aging infrastructure and design and build tomorrow's intelligent utility and Smart Grid networks.

Bob Butera