Make-Ready Design

Get to market faster by simplifying the pole attachment process

Pole attachment applications can cause significant delays when installing new cables on utility poles, especially when pole loading and clearance analysis is required.  Osmose has the tools and experience to help eliminate these delays and keep your project on schedule.   

Before new cable or equipment can be added to in-service poles, three questions must be answered.

  1. Is there enough space to safely locate the new addition?
  2. Does the pole have sufficient unutilized strength to carry the additional load?
  3. What make-ready is required?

Osmose has developed practical, cost-effective solutions to help answer those three important questions and respond quickly to requests.

  • Our highly-trained field technicians collect the required data quickly and effectively, eliminating delays caused by inaccurate or insufficient data.   
  • Our engineering technicians, experienced in pole design and clearance requirements, help ensure that new attachments meet utility standards and applicable codes. 
  • O-Calc® Pro, our industry leading pole analysis software, simplifies and automates the process of calculating structural loads on utility poles. 

               - Live 3-D models and customizable reporting can supply valuable evidence and 
                 information supporting denial of attachment in cases of inadequate space or 
               - Imbedded Digital Measurement TechnologyTM (DMT) allows users to extract
                 accurate measurements (for conductor heights, wire diameters, and clearances)
                 from digital images captured in the field

  • Our project tracking applications provide the required transparency and access to application status.  This provides all stakeholders with up-to-the-minute information about the status of applications.

Turnkey Make-Ready Services

Make-ready design services can include some or all of the following components:

For those customers looking for a turnkey solution, Osmose can handle the entire application process - from data collection all the way through to completing and negotiating the application. 


Learn more about Osmose Joint Use Services here.


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