Joint Use Services

Practial, Cost-Effective Solutions to Help Utilities Respond to Pole Attachment Request

Are you struggling to handle the increasing volume of attachment applications and the delays often caused by inadequate or inaccurate information?  Partnering with Osmose can save you time and money.  Osmose provides pole owners with a comprehensive range of joint use solutions designed to improve revenue performance and ensure code compliance.


Joint Use Administration

Osmose offers solutions that combine our field project experience, engineering and design skills, mapping and data expertise, and specialized software.  Our goal is to help you work more effectively while reducing demands on your existing staff.  We provide ongoing support for your joint use program, including program management, field audits, reconciliation of disputes on all sides, and make-ready engineering.


  • Collection, management, and reporting of data to meet regulatory requirements
  • Third-party attachment processing

               - Receive applications
               - Provide online project status and send email notifications
               - Handle  permitting, right-of-way, and transfer processes
               - Negotiate design and cost
               - Perform make-ready engineering
               - Coordinate construction
               - Verify the "as built" condition in the field
               - Update WMS and GIS

  • Dispute resolution

Osmose utilizes the latest web-based tools for project communication, transfer of documents, and data delivery. 


For more information on joint use services, please contact Brian Reed at 716-912-3058 or