industry involvement





 Kristopher Neighbor

 Vice-Chairman of TG 431 (Guide to Evaluation of Steel Pole Strength Loss from Corrosion)


 Kevin Niles

 Vice-Chairman of TG 538 (Self-Weathering Steel Standards and Guidance)
 Member of TG 529 (Atmospheric Inspection and Assessment)
 Member of TG 431 (Guide to Strength Loss of Tubular Structures)
 Member of TEG 473X (Power Generation and Delivery Education Roadmap)


 John Kile

 Chairman of IEEE WG 12/NACE TEG 368X (Transmission and Distribution Corrosion Management Working Group)


 Doug Herdman

 Chairman of P-1 (Preservatives, Revision of Standards)
 Advisor to Executive Committee
 Member of T-2 (Lumber and Timber)
 Member of T-7 (Quality Control and Inspection)
 Utility Users Task Group Representative


 Randy Marquardt

 Member of P-3 (Organic and Organometallic Preservative Systems)
 Member of P-4 (Inorganic Preservative Systems)  
 Member of P-6 (Methods of the Evaluation of Wood Preservatives)


 Tom Pope

 Member of P-8 (Nonpressure Preservatives)
 Member of P-9 (Nonbiocidal Wood Protection)  
 Member of S-3 (Treated Wood Use, Handling and Disposal/Recycle/Reuse)
 Member of T-3 (Piles and Ties)
 Member of T-4 (Poles and Posts)
 Utility Users Task Group Representative


 John Kile

 Co-Chair of the Transmission Executive Committee


 David Bonk

 Vice-Chairman of the Distribution Regulatory Working Group
 Member of the Distribution Executive Committee


 Kevin Niles

 Member of G01 (Corrosion of Metals)
 Member of G01.10 (Corrosion in Soils)

Definitions: TG: Task Group; TEG: Technology Exchange Group; WG: Working Group


ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician, Grade 1 - Nate Cecil, John Kile, Donald Weimerskirk

ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician - Donald Weimerskirk

ACI Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector - Donald Weimerskirk

AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Certification - Kristopher Neighbor, P.E.

NACE Senior Corrosion Technologist - Kevin Niles

NACE Coating Inspection Professional, Level II - Nate Cecil, John Kile

NACE Coating Inspection Professional, Level I - Aaron Brantley, Nick Harrison, Donald Weimerskirk

NACE Corrosion Technician - Jonathan Miller