the osmose ENVIRONMENTAL commitment

As a leading developer, provider, and applicator of wood preservatives designed for in-service poles, Osmose has established R&D priorities intended to maintain efficacy against decay and deterioration while optimizing the level of active ingredients, lowering the potential risks to non-target organisms and eliminating petroleum-based carriers from our product line. In addition to being environmentally preferable, Osmose preservatives and coatings increase the service lives of in-service utility infrastructure, reducing the harvest of additional trees and the subsequent environmental effects associated with the manufacture of new poles. Beginning with the requirement to harvest a mature tree, every step in the manufacture of a new pole - regardless of material choice - consumes energy and creates greenhouse gas emissions.
Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. is dedicated to the conservation of utility resources and strives to create a culture of environmental awareness both as a product developer and as a service provider. We support the research and development of products and services that extend the safe and reliable service lives of structural T&D assets for many years beyond what is typically expected.

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Conservation through Preservation

Each year, Osmose inspects and treats millions of utility poles, extending their useful service life and forestalling their replacement for many years.  For every 100,000 poles treated or restored (rather than replaced), more than 1.8 million gallons of fuel oil and 100,000 trees are saved.  That's enough oil to fuel 3,300 automobiles for an entire year and enough lumber to build more than 2,400 homes!

Learn more about the environmental impact of remedial treatment in the Osmose Green Brochure.  Use the Osmose Green Worksheet to calculate the potential environmental impact YOUR utility can have by implementing a cyclical pole inspection and remedial treatment program.


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Myths about Remedial Treatments Dispelled

Empire State Electric Energy Research Corporation (ESEERCO) commissioned O'Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc. to conduct an independent field study and associated risk assessment of remedial pole treatments and evaluate the potential ecological and human health impacts related to the application of five remedial wood preservatives to electric utility distribution poles.  Among those five preservatives were four Osmose products: Osmoplastic® (preservative paste), Woodfume® (liquid fumigant), Hollow Heart® (liquid internal treatment), and Cop-R-Nap® (liquid internal treatment).

The study, conducted in the Adirondack Park wetlands, demonstrated that, when applied as directed, remedial wood preservatives have a unique affinity for wood and do not pose a significant environmental risk.

Since that study was published many years ago, Osmose has continued to search for ways to increase the efficacy of its remedial treatments while optimizing the level of active ingredients.  In 2008, Osmose released MP400-EXT, a highly-effective, waterborne remedial paste with the lowest toxicity rating of any paste on the market at the time.  In 2014 we released the next generation of preservative technology - MP500-EXT.  MP500-EXT delivers broad-spectrum control of wood-destroying decay fungi with an even further improved environmental profile. 


MP500-EXT®: The Environmentally Preferable Preservative Paste

MP500-EXT delivers broad-spectrum control of wood-destroying decay fungi with an improved environmental profile when compared to other preservative pastes. This unique formulation provides robust preservative protection while utilizing technology that is responsive to today's regulatory, safety, and environmental concerns.

MP500-EXT's active ingredients were selected and formulated based on Osmose's preservative development experience and expertise. The borax provides fast-acting penetration to control decay fungi internally while the micronized copper carbonate protects against soft rot fungi on the surface of the pole.

MP500-EXT is designed to set a new standard for preservative pastes by combining effective decay control with reduced toxicity and environmental concerns. MP500-EXT has the lowest toxicity profile of all registered external remedial preservative coatings.  It carries an Environmental Claim Validation from UL Environment and is the only 100% solvent-free remedial preservative paste on the market.


  • Enhanced performance - Borax provides fast-acting penetration to control decay fungi internally while the micronized copper carbonate protects the surface of the pole from soft rot fungi.
  • Lasting protection - The improved leach resistance of the micronized copper creates a reservoir effect - the copper remains in reserve until it is needed to protect the pole, at which point it solubilizes and enters the biological breakdown cycle.
  • Improved environmental profile - The waterborne formulation contains no solvents and non-detectable VOCs.
  • Has the lowest toxicity profile of any registered paste
  • Carries an Environmental Claim Validation from UL Environment    

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