Field Surveys & Audits

Verification, Collection & Assessment of Field Conditions & Assets

Utilities rely on GIS applications as well as accurately populated OMS, WMS, DMS, and CIS for daily operations and to respond to major emergencies.  These powerful analysis and decision-support applications share one common trait - the need for highly accurate data that describe utility networks in great detail.  Osmose specializes in capturing this information from the most accurate source - the field.

Data from any field asset, delivered to your key utility systems - quickly, accurately, economically




Joint Use Attachment Survey

As legislative and regulatory developments regarding pole attachments continue to make headlines, the need for pole owners and attachers alike to obtain accurate joint use data becomes greater.

Professional joint use attachment surveys from Osmose include field data collection on a geographic basis.  Osmose field technicians can document the presence of attachments on a structure as well as ownership of the attachments, whether or not guys and anchors are shared, and provide digital images or video of the attributes/violations.

Acquiring accurate joint use data helps to:

  • Ensure code compliance
  • Reduce liability through identification of safety risks and code violations
  • Reconcile attachment counts with third parties

               - Capture lost revenue for pole owners 
               - Protect attachers from over-billing

Advantages of Working with Osmose:

  • Accurate, validated joint-use information available on the web through Osmose's Online Data service. Online Data helps you to document attachments and facilitate resolution of disputed claims or safety infractions. GPS data, high-resolution video or digital photos can be included to supplement attachment features.
  • Access to specialized joint-use software technology including StrengthCalc, LoadCalc, and O-Calc Pro for accurate pole-strength and pole-loading calculations.
  • Ongoing support for your joint-use program, including program management, coordination of field audits (both pre- and post-inspections), reconciliation of disputes on all sides, and make-ready engineering. 

Learn more about turnkey Joint Use Administration with Osmose. 

For more information on Joint Use Attachment Surveys, please contact Brian Reed at 716-912-3058 or


Asset / Network Inventory

Accurate data on the assets in your distribution system is imperative for such functions as construction engineering, plant accounting, work management and disaster response.  Osmose conducts field inventory surveys designed to meet your specific needs for accurate asset information. 

A professional asset inventory from Osmose consists of field data collection on a geographic basis and using that data to improve construction engineering and plant accounting.  When performing an asset inventory, Osmose technicians collect the location and attributes of devices, structures, and spans.  Technicians can also collect distances, heights, and angles of attachments as well as digital images, GPS points, and detailed video of your assets.  Optionally, the field effort may integrate, verify, and correct customer source data such as existing pole information, GIS data, CIS data, or paper maps. 

By performing an Asset Inventory, utilities typically find that work management efficiency is enhanced by having access to current, comprehensive data.  In addition, a clear picture of infrastructure assets can be a critical component for effective disaster response and recovery.

  • Overhead (OH) Inventory
  • Underground (UG) Inventory

Click here to see how Osmose helped Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority (VIWAPA) collect accurate asset data to populate a new GIS

For more information on Asset Inventories, please contact your local Osmose professional or email


Network Connectivity / Phasing

Having an accurate, traceable model of your electrical network is fundamental to improving responsiveness and reliability - especially when it comes to outage management.  Osmose conducts network connectivity audits that establish accurate electrical models.

A professional network connectivity survey from Osmose consists of field data collection on a circuit basis and using that data to build a connected model of the distribution network.  To gather data for network connectivity, Osmose technicians link substations in a connected model to either transformers or meters.  At a minimum, this model also includes conductors, devices, and structures.  Customer source data for a network connectivity project can consist of pole databases, GIS network databases, transformer load data, CIS data and/or paper maps.

You should consider performing a network connectivity survey if:

  • You are deploying a GIS for the first time and want to ensure your network is accurately modeled and traceable.
  • You are planning or are currently in the midst of a Smart Grid deployment.
  • You are combining GIS data for merged utilities and want the combined data to be accurate.
  • You want to improve the efficiency of the following operational systems: 

               - Outage Management Systems
               - Engineering Analysis
               - Load Management
               - Planning and Design

For more information on Network Connectivity / Phasing, please contact your local Osmose professional or email

Customer-to-Transformer Linkage

Customer-to-transformer connectivity is vital for improving responsiveness to outage and trouble calls and is essential for optimal operation of outage management systems.  Osmose performs customer-to-transformer linkage surveys that report the accurate customer connectivity needed to enhance reliability and responsiveness.

In performing a customer-to-transformer linkage audit, Osmose technicians link both overhead and underground serviced customers to the network.  The process also identifies missing transformers or transformers with potential reliability issues.  GPS position and meter information can be collected at the same time.  Customer source data for a customer-to-transformer linkage project can consist of GIS network databases, CIS data and/or meter reading data. 

Reasons for performing a customer-to-transformer linkage audit include:

  • To improve device prediction and crew dispatching which can enhance OMS performance and reduce outage times
  • To perform efficient load analysis
  • To compute kpi's for SAIDI and SAIFI performance indices

For more information on Customer-to-Transformer Linkage, please contact Chris Diliberto at 315-385-3811 or


Post-Storm Damage Assessment & Safety Audit

Hurricanes, ice storms, wildfire, and other natural disasters can radically change a utility's infrastructure.  After meeting the first priority of the recovery period - restoring power to customers as quickly as possible - one of the keys to getting operations back to normal is obtaining accurate field data on the rebuilt network. 

Experienced Osmose field technicians inspect and document all required network features and provide accurate facility information in the format you specify.  Osmose crews can provide accurate data on pole and cabinet positions, equipment types and locations, damage and repair issues, conductor and clearance problems, and various safety conditions.  Post-storm field surveys help utilities establish or re-establish the traceable electrical connectivity and customer-to-transformer connections that are so critical to effective planning, design, and trouble response.

For more information on Post-Storm Damage Assessments & Safety Audits, please contact your local Osmose professional or email

Learn more about Osmose emergency storm response and recovery services here.


Code Violation, Reliability & Safety Audit

A clear picture of code violations, reliability, and safety issues in your network is essential to maintaining compliance with regulatory guidelines and can potentially mitigate the threat of lawsuits.

Osmose field technicians collect accurate data in accordance with your specifications.  Supporting digital images and/or video can be captured.  Reports can be generated from the captured data, and may be used for delivery to a PUC or other regulatory body, and as a resource for planning safety and violation improvements internally.  Osmose can inspect clearances and measurements to verify compliance with NESC standards.  For General Orders issued by a state, Osmose can perform line patrols and/or detailed device inspections.

For more information on Code Violation, Reliability & Safety Audits, please contact your local Osmose professional or email


Stray Voltage Audit

Whether undertaken voluntarily or mandated by a PUC or other regulatory body, stray voltage surveys are a necessary means for detecting the hidden danger posed by electrified streetlight poles, service boxes, and other facility structures.

Osmose field technicians inspect targeted structures - poles, metal streetlights, underground structures, transmission structures, substation fences, etc - and document stray voltage conditions.  When a structure exhibits dangerous levels of stray current, the technician records this fact, notifies the utility immediately, and secures the site until utility personnel arrive.

For more information on Stray Voltage Audits, please contact Chris Diliberto at 315-385-3811 or


Streetlight Audit

Osmose field technicians can perform a streetlight inventory, documenting lamp type, wattage, and related information.

For more information on Streetlight Audits, please contact Chris Diliberto at 315-385-3811 or


Data Maintenance

Osmose provides data maintenance and clean-up to help utilities resolve work request backlogs and update GIS, OMS and other key utility systems that are driven by accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date data.

For more information on Data Maintenance services, please contact your local Osmose professional or email