Corrosion Remediation

Application or installation of corrosion countermeasures such as specialized below-grade coatings or sacrificial anodes (cathodic protection) can help extend the useful life of steel poles and towers for many years. Osmose has the experience and skills to help utilities develop optimal corrosion remediation programs that provide long-term protection and life extension.


Application of below-grade coatings adds an improved measure of protection and can help alleviate potential corrosion concerns, effectively extending the structure's useful service life.

Galvanic Cathodic Protection Systems

Cathodic protection is often used as a secondary mitigation method to target specific areas that require additional attention. Attaching sacrificial anodes to steel structures and placing them in the same soil profile provides an additional layer of corrosion mitigation. Cathodic protection does not eliminate corrosion activity, it simply transfers the corrosion activity from the steel structure to the anodes which "sacrifice" themselves to protect the asset.


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