Osmose Video Data Capture

High Quality Video, Audio and GPS - Geospatial Network Data
that you can See & Hear

Video Data Capture (VDC) is an innovative approach to collecting and reportingT&D information that promises to enhance the value of your data collection efforts. VDC supports accurate and comprehensive field data recording and also provides an information-rich asset record for repeated viewings and sharing.



The Osmose Video Data Capture Process

  • High-quality audio, video, and GPS information are collected at the pole by highly qualified field technicians
  • Data is extracted, processed and undergoes a QC process
  • A final QC is performed and the data is formatted and delivered to the customers target system
  • Video footage is hosted via Osmose Online, a secure, web-based mapping environment available 24/7


Advantages of Working with Osmose

With Osmose VDC all that you can see and describe "at the pole" is available at your desktop:

  • Data deliverables with higher accuracy and shorter turnaround
  • A dynamic, defensible and auditable record of your field network assets
  • A cost-effective means for plannng follow-up work without re-visiting the field
  • Perform a "virtual audit" from your desk

Video Data Capture Can Help You Achieve Project Expectations

The Osmose VDC approach allows your company to utilize the information from "virtual field visits" at any time and without incurring additional delays and travel costs.

Video Data Capture brochure 

To learn more about Video Data Capture, please contact David Mohammed at 315-385-3805 or dmohammed@osmose.com.