StrengthCalc® Software for Pole Inspection

StrengthCalc software increases the precision of pass/fail decisions for in-service wood poles. Without precision, poles may be replaced unnecessarily or weakened poles may remain in service. Both outcomes create extra cost and risk.


StrengthCalc models the cross section of decaying poles in relation to the transverse loads. Both the severity and location of decay in respect to wires and cables are taken into account. Because poles may be described as "vertical cantilevered beams," the location of decay is very important. StrengthCalc incorporates precise section modulus calculations to provide the percent remaining strength for weakened poles.


Adding StrengthCalc to your pole inspection program will likely reduce the number of replacements. That's because traditional methods use less precise and conservative tables, or depend on subjective inspector decisions. Trained Osmose inspectors now can focus on detecting and measuring decay while StrengthCalc determines the percent remaining strength.


To learn more about how StrengthCalc can save you money and help you better understand the durability of your pole plant, contact Tom Pope at 770-632-6783 or


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