Remedial Treatments by Osmose

Maintain Wood Pole Strength and Durability with Osmose Remedial Treatments

150 million wood poles support the delivery of electricity, internet service and telecommunications in America. Without remedial treatments, these critical assets will weaken until they require replacement or they fail. Osmose preservatives help to maintain the durability of your system by preventing strength loss caused by wood-destroying fungi and insects.

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As the world's leading manufacturer of wood preservatives designed for in-service poles, Osmose has established R&D priorities intended to maintain efficacy against decay and deterioration while reducing the volume of active ingredients, lowering the risks to non-target organisms and eliminating petroleum-based carriers from our product line.  Review our complete environmental policy here.


Preservative Pastes and Bandages

These products are designed to prevent external decay in the ground line zone-the greatest risk to strength loss. A 10% reduction in pole circumference reduces pole strength by nearly 30%!

MP500-EXT® delivers broad-spectrum control of wood-destroying decay fungi. The unique formulation provides robust preservative protection while utilizing technology that is responsive to today's regulatory, safety, and environmental concerns.


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PoleWrapTM is a dry-to-the-touch bandage, making installation easy and clean. PoleWrap is available in a 25' roll or in individual pole-sized bandages. 


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Learn more about "Extending Wood Pole Life with Remedial Preservatives" in an article published by Utility Products magazine in September 2012.



Fumigants are the ideal preservative to protect heartwood and inner regions of poles against decay. Fumigants produce vapors that diffuse and travel vertically and horizontally from application holes, eliminating wood destroying fungi.

  • MITC-FUME® is the most effective and widely used pole fumigant, combining the efficacy of its 97% MITC active ingredient with its semi-solid, slow release formulation and unique aluminum tube application system.
  • Super-Fume is a granular fumigant containing 98% dazomet, which decomposes to produce 45% MITC.
  • WoodFume® is a liquid-pour fumigant containing 32.7% metam sodium which decomposes to produce approximately 18% MITC active ingredient.
For more information on fumigants, please visit the fumigants page of our website.


Solid Rods

Solid Rods are easy-to-handle formulations of water-soluble preservatives. When in contact with moist wood, rods will dissolve and diffuse to protect against internal decay. Rods are ideal for protecting pole tops, inspection holes, spar arms and pre-drilled framing holes.


Bor8 Rods 
These glass-like solid rods contain 96.65% water diffusible borate wood preservative. Borate-based wood preservatives are recognized as being highly diffusible and known for their ability to help control wood destroying fungi and insects.   When the wood moisture content approaches levels thought to support decay - about 25% - Bor8 Rods will dissolve and diffuse following the path of moisture to provide a pattern of protection against future decay.

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Liquid Treatments

Liquid treatments are ideal formulations to apply to internal voids and insect cavities.


Hollow Heart® CB diffuses internally through moist wood to control internal decay and insect attack Hollow Heart CB contains copper and boron for dual preservative action.


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