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  July 28, 2016
  Osmose Introduces OsmoSet Pole Setting Foam

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  March 8, 2016
  Osmose Announces Sale of Subsidiary - Osmose Communications Services


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  February 4, 2016
  Osmose & McWane Poles Collaborate on O-Calc Pro Catalog

 PDF Document  August 22, 2015
          Osmose Acquired by Kohlberg


PDF Document  November 30, 2014

  Osmose Celebrates 80 Years


PDF Document October 1, 2014
         Osmose O-Calc Pro Version 5.0


PDF Document   July 31, 2014
   Osmose Releases New Preservative Paste, MP500-EXT


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   June 2, 2014
   Osmose Announces Safety Milestone - 8 Years Without a Lost Workday Case


PDF Document   January 31, 2014
   Osmose Remedial Preservative Receives Underwriters Laboratories' Environmental Claim Validation


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   October 4, 2013
   Osmose Introduces Pole Wrap CB Preservative Bandage


PDF Document   June 11, 2013
   Osmose Remedial Preservative Receives Underwriters Laboratories' Environmental Claim Validation 


PDF Document   June 3, 2013
   Osmose Announces Safety Milestone - 7 Years Without A Lost Workday Case


PDF Document   June 5, 2012
   Osmose Announces Safety Milestone - 6 Years Without A Lost Workday Case


PDF Document   October 3, 2011
   Osmose Acquires BBCom, Inc.


PDF DocumentSeptember 7, 2011
Osmose Acquires TelPlexus, Inc.


PDF Document   June 1, 2011
   Osmose Announces Safety Milestone - 5 Years Without A Lost Workday Case 


PDF Document   March 1, 2011
   Osmose Introduces O-Calc Pro


PDF Document    July 27, 2010
    Osmose Acquires Pole Maintenance Company (PMC)


PDF DocumentJuly 13, 2010
Osmose to Perform Field Inventory Project for OG&E


PDF Document June 7, 2010
Osmose Announces Safety Milestone - 4 Years Without A Lost Workday Case


PDF Document May 21, 2010
 Osmose Introduces a New & Improved Pole Topper

PDF Document February 8, 2010
 Osmose Provides Storm Support to Allegheny Power


PDF Document June 2, 2009
 Osmose® Announces Passing of Safety Milestone 

PDF Document April 16, 2009
 Osmose® Aquires Utility Construction Company in Hawaii  

PDF Document March 31, 2009
 Osmose® to Offer Outage-Avoidance Service

PDF Document June 23, 2008
 Osmose® Introduces PPL Field Liners

PDF Document January 3, 2008
 Osmose® Introduces MP400 

PDF Document December 6, 2007
 Osmose® Introduces Video Data Capture  


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(Utility Automation & Engineering T&D, March/April 2004)
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PDF DocumentRepair or Replace?
(Rural Electric, December 2002)
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PDF DocumentGetting a Grip on Connectivity
(T&D World, October 2002)
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PDF DocumentData Quality: The Next Disaster?
(Utility Automation, August 2002)
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PDF DocumentData: Your Secret Weapon
(Electric Light & Power, June 2002)
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PDF DocumentDeciphering .NET for GIS
(Geospatial Solutions, June 2002)
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PDF DocumentData: The Neglected Key to Successful Integration
(Utility Automation, Sept/Oct 2001)
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PDF DocumentUtilities Boost IT Spending
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PDF DocumentGIS: Mapping to the Meter
(Rural Electrification, May 1999)
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