LoadCalc® Software for Pole Inspection

LoadCalc can help quickly identify potentially overloaded poles.

LoadCalc is a software program designed, developed, and utilized by Osmose that allows an Osmose inspector to estimate bending load on a pole in real-time using span lengths, estimated wire and equipment sizes, and estimated attachment heights.

It provides a cost-effective groundline pole load estimate during routine inspections, allowing inspectors to quickly identfiy potential loading issues without adding significant costs or time. 

Loading issues identified by LoadCalc may be caused by:     

  • Assessing poles to a new loading standard they were not originally designed to support
  • Third-party attachments made without proper loading evaluation prior to attachment
  • Re-conductoring with larger diameter wires or additional equipment attachment without prior load evaluation

LoadCalc accounts for:

  • Grade of construction-B, C
  • District Loading or Extreme Wind Loading
  • Pole length, class, and groundline circumference
  • Span lengths
  • Number, size & location of primary wires
  • Number, size & location of secondary wires
  • Diameter of communications attachments
  • Size & location of streetlights & transformers
  • Size & location of miscellaneous equipment
  • Number & orientation of service drops




What to do when LoadCalc identifies a potentially overloaded pole:

  • A more detailed pole loading analysis provided by Osmose using O-Calc Pro may be necessary to provide a more refined loading profile.
  • Poles determined to be overloaded to the NESC requirements will need to be rectified, either through pole strength upgrading with the ET-Truss, additional guying, or pole replacement with a stronger pole.