Investor-Owned Utility Solutions

You may face difficult and often-times conflicting goals. Improving SAIDI and SAIFI metrics. Enhancing service quality and outage response times. Reducing O&M spending. Dealing with aging workforce and aging infrastructure issues. Meeting regulator AND shareholder expectations.  But Osmose can help you achieve each goal by providing asset management services that connect you to the condition and performance of critical system components.

Strategies that Help You Meet Tough Objectives

  • Sustainable inspection, maintenance, and repair services for poles, towers, and other T&D infrastructure that increase service life and reduce replacement cost.
  • Field surveys to provide accurate network and asset data, helping to improve the performance of your GIS, OMS, engineering analysis, and other support systems.
  • Software applications for efficient management of joint use, mapping, field data collection, and maintenance programs.
  • Professional staffing to supplement your line design, GIS maintenance, joint use and work management functions.

Serving utilities in all 50 states, Osmose offers comprehensive, cost-saving solutions for T&D networks designed to help you meet regulatory and financial objectives while improving safety and reliability.

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