Grounding Services

Osmose can work with you to develop a comprehensive grounding system inspection and maintenance program that improves system reliability and safety.

The Benefits

  • Improves system reliability
  • Helps prevent and minimize hazards
  • Improves safety for the public and for utility personnel
  • Enhances direct path to ground for lightning strikes
  • Provides circuit protection and allows reclosers and switches to function properly protecting the equipment
  • Directs fault currents away from sensitive equipment
  • Low ground resistance

Inspection Options

Osmose crews can evaluate the condition of the grounding system at each pole or structure for both distribution and transmission systems. Crews will take ground resistance measurements and inspect connections at or near the ground level.  Osmose will work with you to determine appropriate methods to lower ground resistance and repair existing grounding systems. Options include the installation of additional ground electrodes such as ground rods or counterpoise.


To learn more about Grounding Services, please contact Kevin Niles at 716-319-3404 or