An Attractive, Cost-Effective Pole Restoration Option

The FiberWrapTM II system helps to extend the life of a pole by restoring bending strength without bonding to the pole, while including effective preservative treatment. Engineered for strength and long life, the FiberWrap II system can accommodate poles with high decay or extremely limited access and significantly extends pole life. The materials in FiberWrap II are stronger than those used in other systems, providing superior performance when exposed to moisture, heat, cold, and freeze-thaw cycles. 

FiberWrap II   FiberWrap II

Visually Appealing and Thoroughly Tested

Osmose developed the FiberWrap II system to provide utilities with an additional option to using steel trusses when restoring poles. FiberWrap II satisfies a demand for a visually appealing restoration by incorporating a wood grain design on its outermost layer. The system has been thoroughly evaluated with full-scale destructive tests and exposure to environmental conditions. Testing details and results are available upon request.

How It's Applied

The Osmose FiberWrap II system consists of effective preservative treatments combined with a custom-fit fiberglass repair applied in the field. After treating the pole internally and externally, several layers of high strength fiberglass are wrapped onto the pole and saturated with a vinylester resin. The appropriate use of supplemental treatment products such as MP400-EXTTM, Hollow Heart® CFTM and MITC-FUME®, in conjunction with FiberWrap II, helps to maintain the integrity of the remaining sound wood.

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