and C2-TrussTM

Help restore the groundline strength of utility poles at a fraction of the cost of pole replacement

Osmose restoration systems are engineered for strength, reliability and durability. When combined with effective preservative treatments, the useful life of wood poles can be extended for decades. The line can remain energized during installation so there is no interruption of electric service.

  • The C-Truss has been used successfully to restore strength to decayed poles for more than 50 years. Since its introduction in the early 1960s, no other pole restoration system has a comparable history of success.
  • The C2-Truss pole restoration system complements the success of the original C-Truss and is now used for most distribution-size poles. The unique design incorporates higher-yield-strength steel and provides added strength with less weight and lower cost.  The patented design concept enables the C2-Truss to minimize the twisting caused by traverse wind loads.

PDF Document   Osmose Truss Systems brochure

To learn more about applications for the C-Truss and C2-Truss, call your local professional.  Not sure who your local professional is?  Email poleinfo@osmose.com to find out.