Bor8 RodsTM

Bor8 Rods are solid, easy-to-handle glass-like rods containing 96.65% water diffusible borate wood preservative. Borate-based wood preservatives are recognized as being highly diffusible and known for their ability to help control wood destroying fungi and insects.

When the wood moisture content approaches levels thought to support decay - about 25% - Bor8 Rods will dissolve and diffuse following the path of moisture to provide a pattern of protection against future decay. Bor8 Rods are designed to be installed in pre-drilled holes concentrated in the locations where decay control is required. For utility poles, the areas most prone to decay are the groundline zone - typically defined as 6" above grade to 18" below grade - and the pole top. 

Bor8 Rods can be used as an internal treatment for wood utility poles or to help protect open bolt holes, pole tops, and cross arms. Bor8 Rods can be installed by utility personnel and are particularly well-suited for use in transmission spar arms and X-braces.

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Additional Documents:

The Environmental Advantages of Using Diffusable Preservatives (William E. Currie)

A Critical Comprehensive Review of Boron in Wood Preservation (Mike Freeman, Craig McIntyre, Dick Jackson)

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